Frans Johansson

Gründer und CEO, The Medici Group; Autor


An author, entrepreneur, and acclaimed international speaker, Frans Johansson has inspired readers and audiences worldwide with his ideas on leadership and success, innovation, and diversity, while his practical insights have empowered thousands to take action. Innovation legend Clay Christensen cites Johansson’s debut book THE MEDICI EFFECT as “one of the most insightful books on managing innovation that I have ever read,” while his follow up, THE CLICK MOMENT, was hailed by Fast Company as the book that challenges traditional business-school thinking, and has been charged with destroying the 10,000 hour rule. THE MEDICI EFFECT was first published by Harvard Business Review in 2004 with re-release in 2017, and it has been translated into 20 languages. Since its publication, THE MEDICI EFFECT has become the definitive book on diversity driving innovation, influencing numerous industries and fields such as architecture, design, economic development, education, and investing.

In his role as thought leader and CEO of The Medici Group, Johansson has advised executive leadership at Fortune 500 companies such as The Walt Disney Company, IBM, Nike, Novartis, and Volvo. He also sits on the Board of Trustees for the New York Hall of Science. The Medici Effect has been a foundational component of innovation ecosystems around the world, with reference by the World Economic Forum, EU’s Dublin Declaration, and the Bank of England. He has spoken to audiences on six continents, in virtually every industry and across disciplines, from creatives to engineers, financiers to scientists, and politicians to humanitarians.

Raised in Sweden by his African-American/Cherokee mother and Swedish father, Frans Johansson has lived all his life at the intersection. He has written articles on healthcare, information technology, and the science of sport fishing. He has founded a software company, an international healthcare firm, and a hedge fund. He holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from Brown University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.